224XLC Dynojet Mobile Chassis Dyno

The 224xLC dyno offers the ease of use of an inertia dyno, along with the advanced testing capabilities of an Eddy Current Load Control Dyno. The dyno features a 24″ knurled, precision balanced drum, Eddy Current Load Absorption Unit, 2000-hp measurement capacity and a max speed of 200 mph. The Dynojet 224xLC can perform load tests including step, sweep and custom road-load profiles in all gears and at any throttle position. Call 508-657-1951 to schedule a run or check us out at one of our events.

Aug 13th

Twisted Piston in Ohio

Aug 27th

Anarchy Days Fonda NY

Sept 17th-18th

Truck Fest Mass

Oct 7-8th

Rudy’s NC Julian NC

Oct 22nd

Exeter RI